Monday, October 13, 2008

Fine Weather Fare

Around these parts (Matt and I live in Western NY), autumn "falls" pretty quickly, and by Columbus Day weekend we have very often had our first hard killing frost, and sometimes even our first snow flurries.

This year we had the unexpected luxury of a later frost, a relatively balmy September (ok - there were a few days that were downright cold and miserable), and a furnace that did not get turned on until last weekend. We also experienced a picture perfect Columbus Day weekend - blue sky, low humidity, enough breeze to rustle leaves but not be annoying, and best of all - warm temperatures. T-shirt and shorts warm. Picnic lunch warm.

Our attention this weekend has been on the yard, the gardens, and the garage - getting everything cleaned up, put up, and organized (although the Munchkin enjoyed some good quality sandbox time, too), and food has been somewhat of an afterthought (gasp!)...

Fortunately for us, Matt's Saturday Night Pizza (tease... you will have to wait for that recipe) made plenty for leftovers, so we grabbed the container, a bag-o-chips, a few beverages, and the last remains of last year's order of Girl Scout cookies (need to make room for a fresh shipment), and converged on the Munchkin's Little Tikes picnic table for what is probably our last family picnic of 2008.

At least our last 'outdoor' picnic. We sometimes do these inside, too - in the middle of the living room - converged around another one of his little tables.

Picnics, they are good for the spirit!
So in the spirit of Columbus Day - today's recipe is to have a picnic - the menu is up to you.

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Higgins Design Studio said...

Brings back memories of our family backyard picnics... as well as those indoor ones when we'd roast hot dogs in the Franklin stove or do grilled cheese in there....
Hmmmm, leftover NY Pizza out on the deck... a thought.
Love you sis!