Monday, October 8, 2012

Fun with Food

So we are realizing how tough it sometimes to get dinner on the table -let alone document it in photos - hence the sparseness of posts around these parts lately

Today is a simple one though - fun with food.

Being a crafter as well as a gardener and devourer of all things yummy, I frequent the website CraftGossip, where I am often linked to great ideas food related.

Like this one - molded cheese!  (that is 'molded', not 'moldy')

Using silicone molds, mozzarella cheese, a microwave and a fridge -you too can turn a big block of cheese into your favorite fun shape.  And around our house - that means LEGO!

I see all sorts of party snack possibilities, here!!!  But since there are no parties in our near future -these will find their way into the Munchkin's lunchbox (and mine, too!)