Monday, October 6, 2008

The Kitchen's Getting Crowded...

Introducing the third member of our "Any Ideas for Dinner?" team...
(just picture him a bit older -with a beard!)

Name: Bobby
First Cooking Memories:
Mom's mandated "Kid's Cook Night" -- pancakes, tacos -- repeat.
Cooking Influences:
Family recipes, discovering the flavors of other parts of the world, and cooking for friends -- the more people I have to cook for, the more elaborate my meals get.
Favorite Go-To Recipe: Anything on the grill
Favorite Spice: That's like picking a favorite kid. (Ancho chili powder, you're the best kid.)
"If I were on a deserted island with one food it would be..." Hickory smoked pulled pork BBQ


Anonymous said...

Even at that young age, he had stuff all over his chin!!

Thank goodness he finally moved past the pancakes and tacos stage of cooking. But "Kid's Cook Night" was lots of fun and it was wonderful to watch them grow in their cooking skills. Now I love learning from him and, of course, sampling his wonderful food!

Love you!!

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