Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gondwana Gold

I know I said I would post results of the Reunite Gondwanaland challenge on Earth Day - which is today.

I fully expected Bobby and Bill to come out with a tie - much as Bobby and Matt did.

But I have to be honest - Bill's "narrative" had me rolling on the floor, and since I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow (not following Bill's Gondwana route - staying on just one continent this time) and don't have the mental energy left to assign points and categories - I will just call this one.

Bill vs. Bobby C - round 1 goes to ....Bill
although Bobby's recipe is one I would more likely be able to make - and I really liked the volcanic plating!

Nice work, guys!


bobbyc said...

Wow. I didn't stand a chance against that barrage of culinary delights. Well done!

Matt said...

Guys, you both did an amazing job! I'm going to have to give these recipes a try.

Of course, since the next challenge is Bill v. Matt, can I just go ahead and concede now? :)

Bill said...

That was fun guys. After seeing the impressive stuff Bob has been posting recently, I figured I'd have to go for broke.

Bring on the next round!