Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Food Fight - Matt vs. BobbyC

P’s Porridge Potluck
An Alliterative Alimentary Adventure

P’s Porridge Potluck participants must promptly procure, prepare, plate, photograph and publish palatable and prepossessing pabulum pursuant to prescribed project parameters:
  • Procure posthaste, a pentad of provisions pronounced* with a prefatory ‘P’.
  • Prepare palatable pabulum produced primarily from the pentad of previously procured provisions.
  • Plate pleasingly plentiful portions**.
  • Photograph the plated product***.
  • Publish**** punctually*****.
* Preposterous puns and peculiar pronunciations permitted with plausible pretext.
** Portions must be photogenically presented.
*** Preferably prior to pig-out.
*****Postings must possess: prolegomenous paragraphs, preliminary planning, prerequisite paraphernalia, preparation procedures, photographs and pertinent prose******.
***** Postulants must post professionally prepared pages for publication prior to the primordial picoseconds of Pluto Day (2/18/2009).
****** Premium points for poetic pentameter.

Matt and BobbyC are the two primary contestants, but if you care to play along please post your entry on your own blog and send us a link. (time parameters do not apply to external contestants)


Higgins Design Studio said...

The Possibilities are preposterous!

bobbyc said...


Matt said...

Gee, I was thinking popcorn... it's been a rough weekend!

Regina said...

I would have thought the two of you would be chiming in with Porter and Pale Ale...

and that Dad would prefer peanut-butter, maybe some pretzels...

bobbyc said...

Porter may or may not make an appearance in my recipe...

Matt said...

Funny you should say that... a pale ale MIGHT be lurking about.