Monday, September 29, 2008

who's who in the kitchen

Neither one of us just started cooking one day - each one of us was taught and influenced by a variety of experiences, and we still continue to learn, taking ideas from one cookbook or chef or restaurant and incorporating it into what works for us. Wherever possible we will try to cite our original inspiration, and we have links to some of our favorite cooking blogs and shows. Many of these people have influenced not only our cooking, but also our food photography and presentation. We hope to make them proud by our efforts here.

Regina, Reg, Reege, Mommy

First Cooking Memories: Baking Christmas Cookies with the family

Cooking Influences: Mom's Italian influenced cuisine, four years of living and eating in Japan, many hours of FoodTV, and being able to bounce ideas off of Matt, who will then put them to the test.
Favorite Go-To Recipe:
Meatloaf or Lazy Lasagna (both recipes to be shared later)

Favorite Herb/Spice: OOh - a toughie. Much depends on what I am cooking. I like my herbs fresh from the garden when possible - basil, oregano, chives, nira (garlic chive), parsley - and a dash of cinnamon makes anything comforting. And although I don't cook with it much - I LOVE wasabi!!!

"If I were on a deserted island with one food it would be..." Another toughie - but it would probably be cheese.

Name: Matt, Chooch, Daddy

First Cooking Memories: November '72... standing on a chair in the kitchen, with an apron wrapped around my chest, making molasses bar cookies (future post) with Grandma "Little Grandma" Spahn as Mom and Dad bring my new baby sister home from the hospital.

Cooking Influences: Mom (of course), my older sisters, Little Grandma, any chef who had a cooking show on PBS, most chefs on Food Network, especially Alton Brown (sorry, I'm a kitchen geek, too).

Favorite Go-To Recipe:
Good Eats Stove Top Mac-n-Cheese (with slight variations)

Favorite Herb/Spice: Does a blend count? While I like fresh basil and parsley, I like to reach for my rendition of a classic Louisiana Seasoning. Mine involves cutting WAY back on the salt, and boosting the paprika.

"If I were on a deserted island with one food it would be..." a good loaf of bread.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Regina and Matt,

I love your new blog. Seems like a natural for you two. Thanks and I look forward to some 'good eats'. I'm an Alton fan, too!

My best,