Monday, October 8, 2012

Fun with Food

So we are realizing how tough it sometimes to get dinner on the table -let alone document it in photos - hence the sparseness of posts around these parts lately

Today is a simple one though - fun with food.

Being a crafter as well as a gardener and devourer of all things yummy, I frequent the website CraftGossip, where I am often linked to great ideas food related.

Like this one - molded cheese!  (that is 'molded', not 'moldy')

Using silicone molds, mozzarella cheese, a microwave and a fridge -you too can turn a big block of cheese into your favorite fun shape.  And around our house - that means LEGO!

I see all sorts of party snack possibilities, here!!!  But since there are no parties in our near future -these will find their way into the Munchkin's lunchbox (and mine, too!)


networkace said...

is it made from toys...awsm thinkin

Dee said...

How creative to make these molds from cheese. My kids would absolutely love this!

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Little Messy Missy said...

Very cool! xoxox

Michelle said...

Those little Lego figures are SO cute! Now I'm trying to decide if my boys would actually eat them or just tote them around until they got mashed into the couch and carpet...

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