Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The 50 Mile Circle Results

Our latest challenge on Any Ideas for Dinner was The 50 Mile Circle. Competitors were asked to create a meal using primarily ingredients from within 50 miles of their homes.

This was a hard-fought match between our two contenders: Matt's Upstate New York Memorial Day Cook-Out and Bill's Locavoracious Bostonian Cuisine. Unlike Round 2 (where I was soundly defeated), there was no clear winner, so I decided to break it down into highly scientific and quantifiable categories*

Usage of Personal Garden11
Locally Fermented Beverage11
Holiday-Themed Bonus1--
Homemade Cooking Contraption--1
Meal Completeness1--
Quality Prose--1
Plating & Presentation--1
*Not at all scientific.

So, this leaves us with a tie on the super-scientific scorecard. Way to go, science. Pah! I guess this comes down to my own judgment, then!

The lobster-stuffed uber-ravioli with handmade herb-pasta were certainly impressive and mouth-watering. Matt's Memorial Day cookout complete with grilled sausage, potato AND pasta salad, and finished with that rhubarb tart made me wish I had been eating that on my own back deck. Those who know me well enough would think the use of mushrooms in both of Bill's dishes would dock him some points -- well, I've grown to like mushrooms a bit now!

In the end, by the very narrowest of margins, I hereby declare Matt the winner of Challenge 3. (Give your rhubarb tart a thank-you...)

(This was some seriously tough competition. The bar keeps getting raised)


Bill said...

So when is round 4?

Susan C said...

I'm looking forward to a live challenge, let the judges (and there will be more than one judge) assess the taste of each entry. Frankly, I'm having issues with drool on my keyboard from looking over these pictures!! I think we could round up a few unbiased family members to serve as a judicial panel.